PMac G5 PSU Removal & Install


Im tech savy and have just received a 1000watt PSU for my PMG5 (late 2005) I'm having a real issue to remove the water cooler from the logicboard (tools related) where can I find tools to remove these hard to reach screws.

Any help would be helpful


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  1. Have a look at this it might help:

    Tools you will need is a philips screwdriver and a torx head screwdriver.
  2. Hey Hairystuff,
    This basic pic guide is what I have been searching for, thanks a million..will print out and attack when i'm home this evening!!! Very carefully...Thank You
  3. Hi Crossi007,
    Not a problem, I found the site useful when I had to dismantle a 12" PowerBook.
  4. @runswindows95

    I remember all these pdf's were availiable before on a repair site and then apple shut it down. sad times.
  5. This one is still active. I use it at work now and then.
  6. thanks for the guide, I ripped out the PSU and installed the new one in an hour, the new PSU fans are nosier than the old Liteon PSU fans but my wife will have to put up with that!!
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