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BUDGET RANGE: (e.g.: 600-800) As close to 1600 as I can including Monitor but at least 1600


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse and keyboard

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg seems to be the preferred site by most but open to suggestions


PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel I'm heavily leaning toward but open


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Not necessary on this build but would like for future upgrades

MONITOR RESOLUTION:I need a monitor but plan on 1900 by 1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I just want a computer that will last hopefully 5 years. I'm open to upgrades in the future, but I want to upgrade by adding parts over replacing parts
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  1. here is a build i just finished, really good performance/price ratio.

    i5-750+NZXT M59 case--$224

    Kingston HyperX 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM + ASUS P7P55D-E Pro--$260

    radeon 5770 (x2 in crossfire later)--$155

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus--$30

    Seagate 1.5tb hd + thermaltake 750w psu--$160

    Lite-on cd/dvd burner--$18

    windows 7 home--$100

    total cost=$950, + monitor and speakers= less than $1600 easily.
    you can add your own monitor and speakers as i already have them. this build is crossfire-ready, and pretty future-proof.
  2. i would change the hyper 212 to the mugen 2 Rev B it gets much better numbers while only being about 20$ more

    if on budget amd is much better bang for the buck

    Amd Phenom II X4 955 BE(the exact same cpu as the 965 with lower multiplier, comes with multiplier unlocked for easy overclocking)

    Msi 890XA-GD70 (5 pcie slots for good crossfire set ups in the future (up to quadfire))

    Gskill Flare 4gb(2x2) DDR3-2000(pc3-16000) CL7

    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RSA00-AMBAJ3-US 1000W + COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper black case(originally was going to suggest a different psu but saw this combo which actually cost less than a lower model psu(what i was gonig to recommend) and the case combined)

    SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100283VX-2L Radeon HD 5770 (just copied what previous user recommended but if it were me id probably go for xfx cause of the warranty)

    Scythe Mugen-2 Rev.B $47.99

    You can choose a good HDD

    That build got up to $1002.92 leaving with 600 for hdd, Monitor, speakers, Windows, Cd/DVD drive

    For the Rest these are my recommendations but feel free to look at others of course

    HDD (choice/s)

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb $54.99

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500gb $54.99

    Wester digital Caviar Black WD1002Faex 1tb $94.99

    Monitors (choice/s)

    Asus VW246H 24" 2ms $219.99

    Speakers (choice/s)

    Logitech X-540 5.1 speakers $88.99

    CreAtive Inspire T6160 5.1 speakers $64.40

    Logitech Z523 2.1 Speakers $84.99

    creAtive Inspire T3130 2.1 Speakers $49.99

    even with each of the most expensive from each section your left with around 200 for windows and a cd/dvd drive

    all prices are before MIR(if applicable)
  3. id still go with the cooler master 212 instead of the scythe mugen, and save $20

    do you really need the cooler master storm scout? id suggest antec 900 tower for $40 less, as well as corsair 750w psu, for $75 cheaper. most people dont even use 750w, let alone 1000w.

    for ram, $170 is excessive. go with this deal on ocz ram and the 5770, for $200 instead of alI3's $340 ram+5770 picks

    total savings=$275, bringing total to $725 if my math is right. with this, you can then easily keep under $1150 even with a monitor, speakers, hdd and dvd/cd drive. you could even splurge and get a blu-ray optical drive for an extra $70.
  4. dannan did you look at the storm SNIPER(not scout) + psu your saving him 30$ not 115$ while lowering his psu wattage (which i agree 1000w is to much but at that deal its huge savings) not to mention that that 30 bucks is even further lowered to about 8$ when you dont count the MIR

    the ram has its own fan(good for overclocking) while having better timings and higher clock if he was to underclock it to 1600(like the ones you recommended) it would get even better timings

    you just recommended a gpu that has a fairly bad track record

    Total savings=$170 with a bad gpu, worse cpu cooler, much worse ram, and an arguably worse case, with 250w less power

    The mugen is quite a bit better than a 212 all im going to say about that

    "With our recommendations out of the way, it’s worth noting that while several coolers included manual fan speed controllers, only three supported pulse-width modulation (PWM) fan speed control. Of those, Scythe’s Mugen-2 Rev. B was the only one to make its way into our recommendations based on performance alone. ",2535-16.html
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