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am itrested on a computer upgrade my laptop is an acer aspire5622wlmi.i want to upgrade memory (4gb), hard disk (ssd), cpu (t7600 64bit)<and optical drive. is it possible?is it gonna be risky to doit on my own?are the components compatible? thank you
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  1. I would leave it alone, especially if it's under warranty. If you really don't like it, I would sell it and buy what you really want. It's much easier than taking your laptop apart and risking damage. Laptops aren't designed for gaming, if that's your goal. They're designed to save energy for the battery. The hardrive and ram are the easiest items to upgrade, but you won't notice that much improvement in performance for what you spend.
  2. guys thank so much about yr quick replies! iam not a gamer, am just an electronics enthusiast. my laptop right now, still covers the bigest part of my needs, and true i can get a new one, with probably the amount of money that am planin to spent on this one.still thow , i think that if this upgrade can work it would be a very good one for this money.dont get me wrong all you said guys its true and its common sense, but sometime its the exitment involved.so what do you think or sugest? if goin for a new one which you sugest, or if you thing i can upgrade it and it can be funcionable how and with what can i do it? i have to say that i use my laptop as a desktop and i dont mind much about how much the battery is gonna last. thanks in advance!
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