8600GT Issues.

So I was using a Nagami-2 (ASUS board for compaq machine) and ordered an xfx 8600gt in December 08. My brother gets an A8N-Sli and convinces me to use that board instead and upgrade my little brothers board with my old one. I did that not knowing the horrors that would await me (this happened a couple months ago) So everything gets switched out and my video card doesn't want to work, it blinks with "Signal not found" so I switch it with a 6600 and it works. I test the video card in a few other other boards. One was my little brothers old e machine Intel board (2005/6 model), it worked. Another was an Asus M3N78-VM and it worked also. I put it back in the nagami 2 to test and the card worked in that also. Therefore I am assuming It is something with the motherboard? I am really in a pain as I game and not being able to is irking me.

The problem is I am using a 400 watt power supply and the boards tested in were

2 300 watts and another 400 watt.

My power supply is a silverstone so it isn't a bad brand or a cheap one either.
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  1. Have you updated BIOS on the SLI board? Sometimes issues like this get fixed with a BIOS update.
  2. Oh, I forgot to add. The fan starts up slow and then when It starts spinning at the right speed the screen goes into the A8N-Sli boot thing and flashes into a black screen then back to the boot screen. I get an eeprom issue when trying to flash.
  3. I was wondering if anyone on right now would have an answer.
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