Need to buy a new router ASAP! Help please!

My wireless D-link WBR-2310 which has wireless G just died today. So I need to get a new one. I suppose the bright side is that I have an excuse to upgrade to wireless N now.

I've been reading reviews on routers and i'm not quite understanding the bit about gigabit ethernet.

For example, I've been thinking of sticking with D-Link (even though their routers always seem to die on me) and I've narrowed it down to 2 possible routers.

1. D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router - $60 not including tax.

2. D-Link DIR-655, Xtreme N Gigabit Router - $110 (w/o tax)
D-Link DIR-825, Xtreme N Dual Band Gigabit Router - $140 (w/o tax) Is worth it to get the dual band?

Mostly the only difference i see between the 615 and the xtreme routers is the gigabit ethernet.

I have Rogers Extreme internet and the download speed is 10Mbps. Even the Rogers Ultimate internet is only up to 50Mbps. If so, Gigabit routers are totally unnecessary then right? Help please!
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  1. Gigabit transfer only applies to wired networks and your computers must have gigabit enabled ethernet connections. Great for transferring large files between two wired computers with gigabit ports.
  2. Ah i see. thanks for clearing that up for me!

    I'll probably get the DIR-615 then since it's much cheaper. I rarely transfer files over my home LAN for it to be worth the price.

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