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Crysis crashes - not enough memory

Running Windows 7 64bit, with crossfired 6950's and 8gb of Corsair Vengeance ram.

While playing Crysis lately, the game will freeze up, and when I kill the game I see the message that Crysis needs to be closed because I am low on memory.

One caveat, I have no page file as it was suggested to turn that off since my C: drive is a 128gb Crucial C300 SSD.

Anybody have a clue what's going on here? I've been running 11.4 Catalyst, I don't recall it happening when I was running 11.3. I just upgraded to 11.5 and that doesn't appear to fix the problem either.

Edit: This appears to only happen on the last level of the game, aboard the aircraft carrier. Wondering if it's a bug with ATI cards.
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  1. You can always create a page file on a different drive.

    Also, don't know if it's still a problem, but there are glitches in the game, epecially the last level. Even with a patched game, I'd fall through the deck of the ship in certain areas and be trapped inside. I'd have to restart from my last save point to in order to continue. I have a HD4850 vid card.

    Try running in DX9 instead of DX10.

    Found another thread concerning this... notice, randomizer states he had the same problem I did, falling through the deck of the ship.
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    I ran it in DX9 and that eliminated the issues! It certainly doesn't look as pretty as DX10 but it got me over the hump and now I can start on Crysis Warhead. Thanks for the advice.

    For those wondering how to run the game in DX9, simply run the executable in a Run command and put -dx9 at the end of it.
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