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viewing the activity of the 8 cores on a couple of different processor monitoring programs, when core one is fully loaded, like on prime95, or doing the processor testing on Win Exp Index, there is a sort of a pulse. I guess is the best way to describe it.

On prime95, all the cores are fully loaded, while core one, about every half second or so, sends out a signal at about half load.

The system is very stable, being able to run prime95 and windows experience index simultaneously at 72C or less (930@4.1, 191 x 21, 1.35 vcore, ASUS Px698D) Does anyone know what this is?

The system is very stable, 72C on prime95, monitoring all processors at 100% activity, with core one sending out a regular pulse. The 100% utilization doesn't change, just this tiny post....kind of like a line shooting across the middle of an oscilloscope.

Is this a concern?
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  1. There maybe a background process running on the computer that is stealing cycles from core 0.

    It also depends on the monitoring tool. Try using a different too. There are some available under "Gadgets" and ASUS has a tool that ships with their board, PC Probe, or something similar. If you are using ASUS you will have access to that tool.

    You could also try setting your BCLK and vcore to stock if you are overclocking as many CPU/Mobo/RAM issues are apparent in an over-clocking environment that are nnot present in stock settings.
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