Help with my UD3R.

First of all, hello to everyone, well my problem is this...

Today, I was cleaning my computer, when I find this:

In the bottom of mi case this was laying there:

An electrical capacitor of my motherboard, so my question is related to:

1.- Is possible that when this capactior fell off cuase that some irregular o anormal booting problem?
This because, I used to have my rig Oced, but from one day to another, stop booting, and I have to clear cmos, and select the option of LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULT for booting from BIOS, shut it down, start it, and make all my OC from zero, every single time that I want to use my PC.

If I don´t Oced, and leave everything stock, works fine.

2.- If I fix it, will work properly again?

3.- In your opinion, what is better, buy a new Motherboard or fix this.

My rig:

i7 920 stock
zalman cnps10x quiet
xfx 275
6 gb corsair
gigabyte ex58 ud3r
bios f12i
win 7 x64 ultimate sp1
topower m5 700w

Thanks and greeting to all.

pd: English isn´t my native language, so if I wrote with some mistakes, sorry.
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  1. The motherboard can only be fixed with a new capacitor. From the pictures, the stalk has been torn out of the negative side of the old one, so it is now or will be soon leaking.
    These guys
    can almost certainly supply you with a new one.
  2. Thanks for your answer, but do you know if that could be the issue that was causing my boot problems?

    Is there any way of knowing that, in case of fixing it (replacing it with a new capacitor), could get some degree of certainty that is working correctly or properly?

    In beforehand thanks.
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    I believe that only the engineers who designed the board could tell you if the missing capacitor was causing your boot problems. The cap is cheap, and if you are good with a soldering iron and flux, it might work. If it does not, you will not be out much.

    Maybe blowing off all that dust would help.
  4. Thanks for your answers.
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  6. I'd see about purchasing another cap and then I'd solder it on to the board.
  7. I have repaired my Mother board, replacing the old capacitor with a new one, and still persist booting issues....but I found a patron, I can overclock and boot without any problem, twice, but the third one fails, even the speaker does not make any beep or something...just show a black screen

    Could be a problem from battery of the BIOS?
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