Formatting an external hard drive for Mac and PC- Video Editing

LaCie Rugged

It's already formatted for mac (I got it from my professor,) but I want to format it for both Mac and PC. Right now my PC is available (Mac's at school.) I'm going to be editing Premiere cs6 on a PC. How do I format it for both?
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  1. Easiest way would be to plug it into your mac, open up disk utility, and go to the erase tab. Select FAT(MS-DOS) as the formatting type and format the disk.

    It will now work on both platforms, the downside would be the FAT has a file size limit of 4GB or something.
  2. OSX does not support writing to NTFS, it will read it however. You will have to format it as FAT32.

    That also means that you can't use files over 4GB without them being split to under 4GB.

    There were a few programs you could install to allow OSX to read/write NTFS but some of those were a bit sketchy, at least in my experience. Drives becoming unmounted when trying to read/write to them, odd things like that. They may have gotten better but I have been out of the Apple world for a while.
  3. You could reformat it as FAT32.

    Alternatively you could install a utility on your PC that would allow you to mount a Mac file system under Windows.

    HFS+ for Windows® 9.0:

  4. @sephmeister

    i don't have access to the Mac until I go back to class next week
  5. On the PC, you'll have to run diskpart and then the following commands.

    "list disk" so you can find which disk is the lacie external
    "select disk" followed by the number of the disk assigned to your external
    It should say disk "" selected
    "clean" will completely erase the contents of the drive
    "format /fs:fat32" will format the drive as fat32 for you, you may have to write "format disk whatever" before the /fs:fat32 part

    I may have screwed something up there but you can find it by googling " Using disk part to format in Fat32" or something.
  6. ya i couldn't get past the "format/fs" bla bla part, so tried a program called swissknife instead. Now it beeps...I think it failed. My professor's going to be pissed...
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