i would like to know how many CPU's are there & which is the best
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  1. The I7 980X is the best overall, but has a $1,000 price tag. Then again, it comes down to usage and budget. Without knowing what it will be used for, it's hard to say. For an example, I would never need a $1,000 CPU. A Athlon X4 640, which runs around $100, is all I need.
  2. Quote:
    ^No one asked which crappy cpu you like.Some will say a crappy nvidia Fx5200 is all i need.That doesnot means everyone will buy it.

    WTF is your problem? Chill out.

    Please clarify your question. What do you mean by how many CPUs? Are you talking about the number of models? Cores? And why do you need this info? Are you planning to buy a new PC?

    As for the best x64-86 CPU, in terms of heavy multi threaded software, it would be the Intel X6550 (8C/16T) or the X5680 (6C/12T) with 3.3Ghz stock. Why the Xeons over i7? Simple: you can do 2P along with the ability to use a ton of RAM (>24GB for the Xeons where as i7 980X is limited to 24GB max).

    If you take in to consideration the IBM CPUs, then the ball game changes depending on your software.
  3. Agree with runswindows9 that the best is almost all the time dependent on the budget and please do mention the details Shadow asked for so that we can help you out better.

    How many models is a bit hard to say. There are too many out there to count. :)

    Just go over to that Russian who has a chip collection and ask him. He may know!!! :p :p
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