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With SSD prices getting more and more affordable I'm considering replacing the original HDDs on my two older laptops with SSDs. I would dearly love to do a system image (either Windows 7 or Acronis TI 2011) backup and restore to the new SSDs to avoid having to use the laptop's recovery DVDs to install the OS, software, drivers, etc that came with laptops. Neither laptop came with Windows 7+drivers+software re-installation discs. I'm aware that a clean install of W7 on the SSDs would be the best way to go but I don't think that is possible. I'm also aware of the partition alignment issue when restoring from a HDD to a SSD but think I can make sure that is not a problem (I hope!).

The questions I have are related to being able to insure that both SSDs are running in AHCI mode prior to doing the restore to them. The laptops are currently running Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit. One is a Sony Vaio VPCCW19GX and the other is a HP DV6. Obviously, there is no ability to access or configure SATA mode in the BIOS of either laptop. Thanks HP and Sony!

I'm pretty sure the HP is set to AHCI in SATA mode as it has an eSata port and that works fine. Also TRIM is active and the msahci and pciide values are set to 0 in the registry. Does this look like it is set to AHCI?

The Sony is a different story. No eSata port, the msahci and pciide values are 3 in the registry. TRIM does appear to be active. This indicates to me that SATA mode is set to IDE in the BIOS. I have read some forum posts on the Sony Vaio saying that the Vaio will automatically switch to AHCI when a SSD is installed but I don't see how that is possible. Also, it sounds as though I would have to change the msahci and pciide registry values prior to making a system image to use in restoring it to a newly installed SSD.

Sorry about the length of this post and hope I've made my concerns clear. Any advice appreciated.
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  1. Instead of Cloning (direct sectot by sector imaging) try migrating. Use EasyUS. I had prety good luck migrating my wife's system from a HDD -> SSD. Also EZ Giv iv is prey good but although the software is free it requires a specific sata->usb adaptor.

    As ALWAYS recommend a clean install when going from HDD -> SSD, but like my wife's system there are the exceptions.

    EZ Gig:
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