Would a AMD Athlon X2 240 CPU fit in a computer that has an AMD Sempron 3400

If it helps my comp is a compaq presario Model#: SR2168HM... yes it's for a game, I have the most RAM I can put in this computer (2058 MB) running on Vista, graphics card is a GeForce 9800 GT... I meet all the reqs for the game except processor speed and thinking that would help quite a bit... I'm already upgraded the power source to a 500W also..
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  1. I don't think it would. Yours is a AM2 processor the 240 is an AM3 processor. Generally these packaged builds don't provide motherboards which are support the flexibility of the custom build motherboards.

    Check with Compaq Customer Service or post your motherboard model no. here.
  2. where would I find the model # for the motherboard, on it? And any recommendations on what I could put in to up it to maybe 2.4Ghz or something around there?
  3. That is why i said, check with the customer care people. They would know. I Googled for the info but could not find it. Maybe you would have some better luck.
  4. RP824-69001
    Motherboard (system board) - Nyssa GL6 - Includes PCI-Express x16 slot
    RoHS: Original
  5. Nevermind, just did a search on here for my motherboard and read a post by someone else that talked to HP customer care a while back and read it's upgradable to the Athlon 4600+ dual core, which runs at 2.4 Ghz, which is perfect... guess I shoulda done that in the first place, sorry for the waste of time. :sweat:
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