what do i install first?

Recently built a computer and i have no idea where to begin with installing everything.
Computer i built has a ASUS M4A79t deluxe mobo, amd phenom II 965 BE cpu, ocz amd BE ram (4gb), xfx 5870 xxx ed gpu, and win my question is what the heck do i intstall 1st? win7? mobo drivers? right now im sitting at a screen that says
"Reboot and select proper boot device or put media in the boot device and press any key".
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    Definitely Windows, without an OS you cant install drivelers anyways.
  2. the problem i am running into now is that windows 7 is asking to upgrade which i cant do or custom, when i go to custom it asks to select a place for installation but the hard drive i have in there isnt showing up
  3. Is this a new build or you're reusing the hard-drive?
    Does the BIOS detect it?
  4. completely new build. I dont know if the BIOS can detect do i check that?
  5. look in the BIOS, does it it say anything under "SATA1" or "IDE channel Master/Slave"
  6. haha your'e going to have to treat me like a child on this one man. I have no idea how to enter the BIOS (using my TV as a monitor some things are kind of cut off). was supposed to have a friend do this junk for me but he went on vaca :(. Alright so how do i enter BIOS from that screen that says press any key to enter boot or w/e...seeing as how as soon as i press something it tries to find a boot device?
  7. Press "delete" when the PC starts and it should take you there.
  8. alright it says SATA1 not detected...and thats where it is plugged what do i do?
  9. Is the Hard drive a SATA? make sure both the SATA and power cables are firmly connected.
  10. how the heck do i turn it off to check? do i just flick the power switch at the back?
  11. just hold the power button untill it shut down, then unplug the cord in the back.
  12. Alright. the SATA cable seems fine...theres only supposed to be the one cable connecting to the hard drive correct?
  13. No, there should be 2. Power and data.
    Like this:
  14. ahhhh there in would appear to be the problem. Hopefully this works now :)
  15. That seems to have done the trick! Thanks for all the help Timop :D
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