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TWO HD 5770s shown...

Hey, I have a HD5770 and in some programs like CPU-Z and HWmonitor, it shows that I have 2... one is an HD5770, and is a ATI Radeon 5770 series... Pics below... Any help would be great! and also, I've formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Win7 x64 countless times, (once every 2 weeks) and I've always been shown 2 5770's :/
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  1. I can't get toms hardware to show the pics :/ why? it's from tinyupload... here's the other link...
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    cpu-z, hwmonitor, and pc wizard are all CPUID programs. could just be a bug in them, i would contact them about it. frankly, as long as your single 5770 works, there is no big issue.
  3. Try something not from CPUID, like Window's built in Device Manager and Catalyst Control Center.
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