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8GB: 2x4Gb or 4x2GB sticks

I'm a gathering information for a new build next month, a Intel Core i5-2500K system.

My question about memory is rather simple, but I didn't see it in here. All I know is I want (to start with) 8Gb of total memory.

Given the same total size of memory (i.e. 8GB), does it make any difference if I get 2 larger sticks (i.e. 2 x 4GB modules), or 4 smaller sticks (i.e. 4 x 2GB modules)?

The price difference between to two options is not that much: 2-2x2Gb kits @ $54.99ea = $109.98, where 1-2x4GB kit = $99.99. ($10.00 difference, in favor of the fewer/larger modules.)

The only advantage of going with 2 larger sticks is I can add 2 more of the same in the future (for a total of 16GB).

This is for my personal system: Office apps, web browsing, media playing, and rarely gaming. 8GB is probably overkill for my use, but what the heck!
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    I think the future expandability/price difference by itself is enough to warrant the 2x4GB solution. With more sticks you draw more current off your board, more load from your memory controller, etc.

    As far as I know, there would be zero to minimal throughput advantages either direction...and certainly no remotely perceptible ones.

    Go 2x4GB, for sure!
  2. 2x4GB is a better option, IMO. You have to possibility of more easily adding extra RAM down the road, it's slightly cheaper and there are fewer sticks that could be DOA or fail on you.
  3. Wow NapoleonDK, I didn't think about the power draw aspect. Fewer is better, for sure!

    You can't overclock a sammich, but you can toast it, fry it, or bake it! ;)
  4. 1) 2 sticks preserves your options to go to 16gb.
    2) 2 sticks is usually cheaper.
    3) You have a 2500K which means you are interested in overclocking. 2 sticks will overclock easier.
    4) If you have cooler space isues, 2 sticks can be mounted in the two slots more distant from the cpu cooler.

    ------------------bottom line------------
    get the 2 x 4gb kit.
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