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I recently was running a striped raid array when I decided to break it apart and start new. I deleted a bunch of files and broke apart the raid array. I think quick formatted the drives and installed new operating systems on it.
I then realized I was missing a ton of files I thought I backed up on an external drive

What is the best way to try and get some of this data back?

Rebuild my raid array and attempt data recovery files ?

Or just attempt to use file recovery programs on the three separate drives?
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  1. Thanks for the reply

    I don't mind paying for the data recovery or data recovery software I just looking for the best method about going around it
  2. You overwrote much of data on the disks when installed the new OS, so I believe the data recovery won't be easy and no guarantee for success.
    I think you should create a virtual RAID 0 out of the 3 disks in R-Studio and scan it for Known file types. Better to read http://www.***/Unformat_Help/index.html first.
    This free utility can help you find the RAID's parameter http://www.***/.
  3. I would recommend you iCare Data Recovery Free, which is professional and free. It provides you with four recovery options: Advanced Files Recovery, Format Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery and Deep Scan Recovery. The testing shows that they all can regain 80% of data at least, which is quite efficient comparing with other similar tools. It also allows one to recover the wanted data by hooking it after the scanning.
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