5850 to TV with Component hook ups

hi folks,

I just got a new video card, a ATI chip 5850. I love it but one small thing I forgot to even think about when I bought this card is the fact that my flat screen TV (Samsung model number SPP4251AX/XAA) only supports S-Video and Component inputs while my video card has DVI and HDMI.

I know that there are 20 buck adapters out there which have a DVI to Component, however, I have heard mixed things when it comes to whether or not this will actually work (for both video and sound to the TV).

Can anyone help give me a solid answer of what I need to do or get to have this work?

Thank you in advanced!
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  1. It won't push sound as DVI doesn't support sound, you'll either have to use an external source (speaker jack, USB) or DisplayPort/HDMI.
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