T5600 mobile on desktop?

Hi guys. Quick question

I have a C2D T5600 from a broken laptop laying around. I was wondering if its possible to put it on a desktop mobo and create a secondary rig for my kid. I cant find a mobo with 667 fsb. The only option is 533 or 800 at that area. Is it possible for this cpu to work with a different fsb and if it is, whats the impact. I am an "amd boy" and the intel technology is completely unknown to me

Thanks in advance
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  1. What motherboard are you trying to use? I formerly had a T5500 installed in an aOpen mobo (can't remember the model number) that made a great server (I used as a desktop for a while too and it was very good there as well). It was quiet and fairly capable.

    You should be fine with either FSB speed as the mobo will adjust as needed. When you install the memory and CPU, the auto settings will adjust for the least common denominator (in most cases automatically) to account for differences.

    Last, make sure your mobo includes a heatsink/fan for the CPU. You typically can't use a "regular" HSF with mobile processors (different dimensions).

    Good luck! BTW, I am an AMD fanboy myself and my old system (died from an electrical problem) was a project similar to yours.
  2. BTW, I used this mobo, AOpen i975Xa-YDG, to do what you are inquiring about.
  3. That's a hard to find mobo even a second-hand one. And since i live in Europe, it costs like 150 euros with post expences. I can get an i3 with a new mobo for a bit more.
    I was wondering if there is something that i could do with a common and cheap 775 socket mobo.
    Thanks anyway my friend
  4. The T5600 will not work with any 775 motherboard. You have to mate to a motherboard that has a mobile processor socket appropriate for the T5600 (socket M). Sorry.
  5. BTW, you are right. You could take the same amount of money to make the T5600 project work and buy a good basic CPU/motherboard combo that would out perform the T5600 in any use.

    Good luck!
  6. Sell the T5600 and put that money towards a new system build
  7. ^+1 on selling. You can usually sell it on Ebay for a pretty good price.
  8. so thats a firm no! then ebay it is. thanx guys
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