Is my ram broken or do i need to change the settings?

I've had my computer for a while and pretty much ever since i got it its been crashing(bsod) and now its pretty much unusable. Whenever i try to log on to my user account it says its unable to reach the network because its either missing or corrupt and whenever i try to use a restore point or reinstall windows it has an unspecified error. ive been trying to find the reason for this until recently i found that my dram led was always lighting up on boot. sometimes the boot while easily reach the logon screen but i cant login. and sometimes it restarts several times before reaching it. I have 2 sticks of corsair TW3X4G1333C9A ram and my motherboard is m4a89gtd pro/usb3 and amd 1090t processor i also use built in graphics and have a coolmax psu but idk the model of it.... recently it wouldnt even boot up but i fixed it by holding the memOK button.
i've tried :
1. changing the voltage to 1.6 and tried using only 1 stick and it still doesn't help....
2. i also tried the memtest many times and one time it had many errors but i took out the ram and put it back in and its never had any errors in the memtest since then....
what can i do? sorry if i put too much info or some of it doesn't make sense to you guys. :bounce:
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  1. oh ya.... and in the beggining it worked fine except it would randomly bsod... especially when i was on youtube. later on it started to bsod after i logged into my user account when all the startup programs were starting. Now for some reason my user account has been corrupted and i cant login to windows 7 64 bit... in case that helps
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