Sub-200 Dollar Graphics Card Advice

Manufacturer: Custom - Made
Processor: Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.88 ghZ
Memory: 4GB DDR2 OCZ Extreme Edition @ 1300 mhZ
Hard Drive: WD CaviarBlack 500GB 32MB Cache
Video Card: XFX 9500GT Extreme Edition @ Stock
Monitor: LG Flatron 19" W1942TQ
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
Motherboard: XFX 750i SLI Extreme MotherBoard
Computer Case: CoolerMaster Elite

As I said before I have a 19" monitor and am planning to upgrade that to a larger screen that can run 1920x1080 and have a large screen size so I would like advice on that too.

So anyways, I am looking for a sub-200 dollar graphics card for intense GAMING AND RECORDING, I must be able to record at a steady FPS of 60 (30 is good too) at high quality with the game running at 1920x1080 with 8x AA depending on the game. As of right now I mainly play Modern Warfare 2, I will need a graphics card that will be able to handle games well mainly in the Call of Duty series for the next 2 years and any other intense-on-graphics games. I don't want to be in the same situation, at the time I thought the 9500GT would be very good, but it is only satisfactory.

Here is what I need:

#1 High quality monitor 24" or more under 200 dollars

#2 High quality graphics card
- 1920 x 1080 x8 AA 80 FPS on Modern Warfare 2
- Able to run games on the highest graphics for the next 2 years
- Runs on a 500W PSU (CoolerMaster)
- Record highest graphics at constant 60FPS in HD
- Here is what I have in mind:

So this should all come out under $400 in Canadian.

P.S can I overclock that GPU with the PSU I have?

Thanks for your effort in reading this.

- Cheemster
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  1. you would be looking at the ATI 5770 @ $180CA, for around $230CA you could pick up the ATI 5830. It would run your stated resolution better but the card tends to run hotter and not OC as well as the 5770.
  2. ct1615 said:
    .....hes not in the USA

  3. I don' think that you should be running any AA at that resolution.Then the 5770 should handle everything fine at high settings.But the DX 11 games wont run that good at those settings and FPS for the next 2 years.For that, you will have to stretch your budget to something like a 5850 at least.But a 5770 overclocks really well.
  4. Just an FYI, does exist lol
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