Broken pin on external HD power supply

I have an Iomega external HD which connects to the power supply via a 5 pin plug. One of the pins was completely bent and at the bottom of the jack, and when I tried to pull it straight, it broke (no surprise). Everything still works fine though. The pin that broke was separated from the other 4, so I guess it was a grounding pin? If that's the case, I was wondering how dangerous it is to operate the unit with a broken grounding pin (i.e. obviously it's there for a reason)? Thank you!
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  1. Check the power supply label to see if it list what that pin is for. After all 4 pins should still give you 12 volts + 5 volts and 2 grounds.

    is it like this?

    If its the bottom pin, it would be a 12 volt pin, in that case, i am surprised it still works at all. Is it a small 2.5 inch drive or a larger 3.5 inch drive?
  2. Yes, the pins look just like in the above photo link (the Model Number of the AC adapter is in fact DA-30C01). The pin that is broken is the one labeled 1P (+12V). I googled the description on the invoice (5 years old btw) and it's an Iomega 33115. I found the specs here:

    Strangely enough, in the specs they say 4-pin. Maybe the 5th pin was supposed to be bent because it wasn't used? When I looked at I remember thinking how in the heck I could have bent it like that myself (it was completely bent and pushed flat against the bottom of the jack)!

    Any thoughts on this?
  3. They do not generally send out devices out with a bent pin. After all a 12 volt pin hitting the side of the plug can be a very bad thing if the shield is grounded.

    I would normally say, if it works not to worry about it, but I do not see how it would even run on just 5 volts(it looks like a 3.5 inch drive to me).
  4. Strange, it seems to run perfectly. The specs in the above link refer to the connector as "4 pin". That seems like a pretty big coincidence. According to the photo for the model number of power adapter, there should be 5 pins. But the specs in the above link suggest a 4 pin connector. And what I had were 4 straight pins and one completely/perfectly bent pin. I could always write Iomega to satisfy my curiosity I guess. But the main issue I was concerned with was safety...

    PS: In the past, I remember accidentally removing the USB of the external hd from my computer without stopping the device first (via the Safely Remove Hardware icon), and I would get a BSOD and have to reboot, but I'm guessing that has nothing to do with a bent pin?
  5. Nope a BSOD would probably be windows trying to write to the drive then bang, its gone....crap BSOD....

    I have removed many a drive without safe remove without issues. I do not think the power cable would cause that.

    Does your power supply show the same diagram(with +12v on the bottom?) on it as well?
  6. The power supply is the same model number as in the image you linked to (DA-30C01), so yes, everything looks the same.
  7. strange..... well it seems to work.
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