RAM frequency reads lower than it should?

Hello all,

I have the following system setup, please let me know if you require further information.

I'm in the U.S.

MSI 560 GTX Ti
Dominator GT 8g (2x4g) 1.65v 2000

While I understand this is technically not the best RAM for a Sandy Bridge system, I expected it to run at least at 1333... or at least expected with tweaks I could make it run at 1333. However, at default settings the v is at like 1.4+ and the memory reads at 1066 (533) in both the MSI Control Center and Prime95. After following some advice, I went into my UEFI and upped the v to a few different settings, all in the 1.5+v range, never exceeding 1.6ish (I know the recommended for my system is 1.5v with a max I believe of 1.65), and set the D-RAM frequency to 1333.

I have noticed no difference in any frequency/speed readings on the two above applications. Should I up the voltage to 1.65 and set the frequency to 1800 and see what happens? I would really like to get a bit more speed out of this RAM, but I am prepared to buy some sticks that are 1.5v rated if needed. I have been eying both the Vengeance RAM as well as some by G.Skill. I am new to overclocking, and in fact this is my first ground-up build.

If this 533 reading is standard, i.e. it is the "unclocked" base of this RAM model, is it always going to read this? I have "tested" my memory in my BIOS, with Windows, and I believe another program and have never received any memory errors. I guess I just want to make sure that I'm getting enough out of my memory sticks. I don't want or need to do extreme overclocks on them, but I would like to be running at a higher frequency than 1066.

Any information or advice is most appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. By "unclocked" I meant "un-overclocked" as in the base before the OC'd it to advertise it as 2000. Apologies for the mistake.

    Thanks again,

  2. If they are rated at 2000Mhz @1.6v then manually setting the ram to this setting isn't overclocking them. At 1066 you are way underclocking them. Just try to set the timings voltage and speed to the manufacturers specs in the bios.
  3. Thanks. I set it at about 1.63, and running it at 1866 (or 1833 I can't remember) as there is no 2000 only 2133 in the BIOS. CPU-Z shows the correct frequency, but I just ran 3dmark11 and it is showing this:

    8192 MB
    Module 1
    4096 MB Corsair 9 @ 533 MHz
    Module 2
    4096 MB Corsair 9 @ 533 MHz

    I'm just confused...
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