Need advice on ati hd 4890 vs nvidia gt 330


I am buying a PC this week and I am struck between two PCs. The specifications of these two computers are exactly the same except for the graphic card. Here are the specs:

Intel Core i7 860 / 2.8 GHz
8 g ddr3 ram
1 Tb hard drive

But the graphics card for the first one is Nvidia Gt330 2GB(The computer is priced at 957$)and the second one is Ati Hd 4890 1Gb (The computer priced at 902$)

Assuming that I basically use my computer for gaming(Bad company 2 is the game I would be playing the most), which PC should be better for my needs?
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  1. Well seeing that the GT 300 cards are for pre-built systems only i say the HD 4970
  2. I fogot to mention that, Im buying a pre-built pc
  3. 4890 by a long long long shot !

    That nvidia card is about an 8800gt specs maybe a lil better

    The 4890 is gonna be much much faster
  4. Thanks for your advice...Doesn't the vram make any difference?
  5. GT300s are basically rebranded GT200 technology. The GT330 is fairly weak compared to a 4890.

    VRAM makes a difference in high resolutions/AA, but a card needs to have enough power to utilize enough VRAM in the first place. The GT330 is too weak to use all of its VRAM.
  6. Thanks a lot for all your advices.
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