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I want to know what is the realy vertex 4, some people says vertex 4 is the beast , some says that at 50% of it capacity the vertex 4 become crappy and also the release of the samsung 840 makes me think twice before purchasing.

Can someone confirm that ocz is stable and stable at 50% + of its capacity ?
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  1. Its nothing to do with after 50% it crawls, it does not work at all like that. The drive has what we could call a special burst mode that works regardless of capacity BUT relies on a special write mode to MLC nand (which means this it has to have available fast nand to write to)

    The drive will continually free up nand for fast mode until you fill up the drive. To start you get 50% of the drive in fast mode, as you fill it up more that % of free space is gobbled up by what you are storing.

    hope this explains in easy terms what makes a Vtx4 drive fast.
  2. Compare to other SSD , lets say we have 2 ssd the vertex 4 and some other high-end SSD like humm the samsung 840

    Both are at 100% of there capacity , and if i understand well vtx4 will be slower from its starting speed at 100% ,

    so what about the samsung , will it be like the vtx4 or will it remains at its original starting speed?
  3. All SSDs slow down as you fill them up and the same is true for hard drives. Vertex 4 used to slow down a lot more than it should due to a faulty Burst mode implementation, but this issue has been fixed for at least several weeks now.

    The Samsung 840 will probably best the Vertex 4 in most metrics, but that's to be expected because it is a newer and slightly higher end SSD. It wouldn't be much of a victory anyway.
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