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Problems with Geforce 7600 GS (Heat)

I recently obtained a computer from a friend with an AMD Athlon processor in an nForce motherboard. I got this from another friend and put it in the computer. For some reason, it runs very very very hot.

Temps range from 80-90 when idle and shoot over 105 (centigrade of course) during load. It only has a heatsink, that's all it comes with. It has two heatsinks, both are held on by this odd plastic peg/spring contraption. The card works ok when gaming, but it does seem to get hot.

I've checked the heatsinks, they are very very hot during and after use, so it seems like they are working. I'm not sure what the case could be. On another of my computers with this card, it also ran this hot, but it had something to do with a hardware conflict with the hard drive. Random thought.

Any ideas? I'm pretty much stumped...let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!
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  1. What case do you own? those old heatsink only cards get hot when there isn't much airflow. Try using a fan in the side pannel of your case that blow air into the heatsink. works for my OC'ed 7200GS. Those holes are usually like 80mm or 70mm. Try using a rule to mesure it.
  2. My case is like a ten year old full tower, I don't have enough 3-pin fan plugs on the mobo to plug in another fan, but for now I could just move the fan in the back of the case to the front and pull air in onto the card that way, its worth a try. Thanks for the advice, think I'll also try reinstalling drivers and such, basic stuff, too. Lemme know if you have any more ideas!
  3. Inspect the card for dust and don't be half ass about it. See what brand it is while you are at it but in the end you have no choice but to either clean the card or replace it.
  4. Do you think it might require another application of thermal paste? I have a tube of arctic silver here, but I don't want to use it unless I have to and the heatsinks seem to be working, they get really really hot.
  5. I would try the fan on it before applying new paste.
  6. Alright, the fan brought idle temps down to around 70C which from what I've read is about right for this card, it generally runs really hot. So that's great, thanks so much for the advice. Unfortunately, during load (playing F.E.A.R for example) it jumps up a little over 100C which I figure will run the card down pretty quickly.
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    u can modify that heat sink by fixing a case fan over it... it works...i've tried it :D
  8. You could try fixing the fan to the heatsink like the guy said or as a last resort replacing the thermal paste...
  9. Any tips on how to affix a case fan to a video card that's mostly covered in heat sink? There isn't any obvious way to attach it...
  10. Use self tapping metal screws and screw it in between the fins on the heat sink. Optional is of course to simply zip tie the fan to the heat sink for testing purposes.
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  12. Ah, ol' 7600gs. I had that exact same card, except it was Asus variant with a bigger heatsink. I killed it playing too much IL2...
  13. I had two of these except they were EVGA with a modded bios. They did well in SLI but did get hot with the old stock coolers which I later replaced as for the fan mod its a band aid solution and if the cooler is full of dust it wont help much either if the airflow is even worse.
  14. The one I have is an AGP 8x version, its old. Unfortunately if I upgrade my mobo I'll have to get a new card because I don't think they make AGP slots anymore. I'll probably just run this one into the ground, when it dies, it'll be time to everything...
  15. Hey I just recently acquired a 7600GS also. Got it from a guy selling it on craigslist to plug into my athlon xp comp. Mine is EVGA, 256mb, looks almost exactly like this:

    I've been wondering about the heat also. Is this card truly known to run hot?? I asked some peeps on a different forum, they said it was too high. My temps are not as bad as yours, SpamShadow, though. It's at 61C for idle and maxed out at about 90C when I ran the FurMark test.

    Is this supposed to be normal for this card?? I can't find the info. Do you have any links to what you've read about what temps I should expect? Like I said, I was told by others that what I'm getting is too high and that I should try reapplying thermal compound.
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