Resolution problems with Onboard HD4200

here recently just bought a 785G motherboard from Gigabyte. It had the Onboard HD4200 Graphics I am using for the time being until I have the money saved up for a new GPU. Well I can't get the newest ATI CCC to pick up on my resolution so my graphics looks funny. I am need ti know how to set up a custom resolution in ATI CCC. I am trying to get it running at 1440x900 but it will only read 1366x768. So is there a way to fix this or due I need to call ATI to fix this problem. Any all all help will be a greatful. Thanks.
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  1. Right click on your screen and click screen resolution and change it there.

    If that dont work go into the CCC under desktop properties try to change it there.

    If that dont work try to turn on scaling
  2. I don't have any clue on how to access anything on the scaling. But I have tried some more and I still can't get it past the 1366x768 resolution.
  3. Rebooth Windows with mode vga (640*480) booth menu option and after find 1440*900 and select this
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