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Hey guy's I just installed Windows 7 on an SSD, everything installed fine, 2 of 3 hard drives are showing up, but the third one isn't even showing up under my computer, if I open the disk management tool I can see it, but I can't format it, I've tried using EASEUS to format it but it says "Windows Cannot format the system volume on this disk" It gives me the same error when I try to format it through the built in Computer Management tool. I also tried using DISKPART through the Command Prompt, but I couldn't seem to get it working properly.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think you answered your own question. "Windows can't format the system volume on this disk". Did you have those drives connected when you installed the OS onto the SSD? If so, windows most likely put the boot loader on another drive - the one it won't let you format. If you were to format it you would no longer be able to boot. As a test, disconnect the power from that drive and try to boot.

    Anyhow, if this is the case, disconnect all but the SSD drive and do a repair install of windows 7. Afterwards, reconnect the remaining drives and see if you can format that drive now.
  2. Alrighty I'll give that a shot, I formatted that drive before i installed windows on the SSD, so I figured it would clear the boot loader and all associated parts.. I've never done a repair install, will that essentially be formatting the drive and reinstalling the OS again, or merely doing a repair?
  3. You have to *initialize* the HDD in the disk management tool before you may format the drive.
  4. Wisecracker said:
    You have to *initialize* the HDD in the disk management tool before you may format the drive.

    He said he formatted the drive before he installed the OS, so this is not the problem.

    @OP. even though you formatted the drive, windows like to put the boot loader on a different drive than the OS. If only one drive is installed when installing windows, it's forced to put everything on that single drive.

    A repair install does not require a format. it should only fix system files. Be sure to read everything before the Here's How.

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