New System Build; Right Graphic Card and Monitor?

About to put together a new system. I have a question about the graphics card and monitor:
I am thinking about getting this ASUS VH236HL-P Black 23" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor w/height & swivel adjustment 300 cd/m2 ASCR 20000 :1 Built in Speakers. I am open to other suggestions though. My current monitor is a 19" Viewsonic, which I have been very pleased with. [...] 6824236065
The graphic card I am looking at getting is the Gigabyte GV-R4850C 1GH Radeon HD 4850, 1GB 256 bit GDDR3 PCI-E 2.o x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card.
Newegg is now sold out of this card, dangit! Anyway, another poster on the New Build forum made the comment that the HD 4850 isn't the card I should get for this monitor, basically saying that if I was going to get a monitor that is full HD capable, then I should get "way more card than the HD 4850". He recommended a 5870 minimum. Is this true? I mean, I know that is a better card, but it's not that much higher on the TH heirarchy chart for graphics cards. Will the HD 4850 run this monitor well, or will I be missing something? Thank you for any assistance with this!
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    IMO if your into gaming, on that rez monitor a low end card would be a HD 5770, then next up HD 5850 the HD 5850 will be a sweet spot for that rez now if you want 30% more GPU power for 100 bucks more go with the HD 5870. ( IMO ) the HD 5850 will work well for 95% of the games some like Crysis AVP you might need to play @ high setting with 2XAA vs very high setting and 4XAA.
  2. This system will be used primarily for photo editing using CS4 and Lightroom, and secondarily for light to moderate gaming. (CoD, older Halo, Ghost Recon). Will I benefit from moving up to the 5770 or 5850?
    Thank you for the reply, niklas_13!!
  3. You really dont need much for your editing needs but for light gaming on 1920x1080 i would go with the HD 5770 they can be hade for 150
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