Slimline Acer Aspire pc HDD running warm PLEASE RESPOND

Hello, I recently purchased an Acer Aspire x3990 slim line pc. I have installed HW monitor to monitor all my temps. I have noticed the hard drive sometimes creeps up to about 43 top 44 degrees Celsius. This particular case only has a cpu fan which believe it or not does an excellent job of cooling the cpu. The hard drive i believe is tucked away behind the optical drive and doesn't have any ventilation. If it wasn't under warranty i would simply remove the case and drill a few holes in the side of the case where the hard drive is near to allow a little ventilation. Do I need to be concerned about these temps for the HDD as Acer have been building these types of slim lines world wide for years. Hard drive is a WD Caviar green which is rated at 0 to 60 degrees. A google study on hard drives was kind of indicating it does more damage running them too cool rather than too hot.
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  1. I would recommend a cooling pad but the temperature is ok.
  2. thanks for responding :) cooling pad probably not an option as this is a desktop and not a laptop computer. but if many people say the temps are ok than i may have to just accept it. once warranty is over i will drill breathing holes in case if needed.
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    no need to worry Mechanical HD's will always produce heat and that temperature range is nothing it can't tolerate.
  4. thankyou
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