Low profile 9600. galaxy/sparkle/ or zotac

having difficulty deciding which manufacturer is best for low profile 9600
... i guess i've ruled out sparkle

so that leaves me with GALAXY:

and ZOTAC :

my budget is real low ; and i have to fit the card into a Dell 531s. (low profile) the psu is rated at 250 W, i know that's less than the recommended but the computer right now doesn't even get to 100 so adding a ~60-70 W card won't hurt. Im just wondering which card is a better buy; but if you have any other recommendations feel free to reply.
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    To be on the safe side I would take the Galaxy since it does not require external power and is cheaper after MIR (newegg). If it is just between the manufacturers then I would get Zotac before Galaxy.
  2. ,, by external power do you mean needs a 6 pin connector etc?
  3. ok thanks
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