Computer shuts off right after power on after new cpu cooler

This is my first build from about 3 months ago and was working fine until I installed my new h70. Now, when I power on it shuts off right away before POST. I've tried resetting cmos and reconnecting the psu connections but it still shuts off right away. I'm pretty sure its not the new cooler because I installed it just like in corsairs videos and its in pretty snug, but everything was working fine until after the new installation (was using stock heatsink before). Not sure what to do now, any help would be appreciated greatly
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  1. Just to check things off the list:

    Did you clean the CPU and reapply NEW thermal compound? If so, how much?

    Is a fan for the radiator plugged into the CPU fan header on the motherboard or did you plug it into a chassis fan header? If not, the system will think the fan has stopped and may shut down to protect the CPU.
  2. yep, i cleaned cpu before installing. the h70 comes with preapplied thermal paste and ive tried radiator fans in cpu header pump in chassis and pump in cpu header and rad fans on chassis, but with no luck. When i power on all the fans and leds turn on but then it cuts off.

    i also tried booting with 1 stick of ram but no luck there either.
  3. bah, still no luck :( i just tried using a different 8pin connector too. weird thing is everything was working fine before... i diddnt really even touch anything during installation either. i just unplugged my computer and installed the cooler - case has backplate hole so i diddnt need to remove mobo or anything

    thanks for the replies tho
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