Best motherboard for Gaming......

Hi Guys....

I have 17.5 Inch monitor and Have Graphic card 9600 GT and Ram 3Gb( I am Thinking Of uprading the card to radeon HD current Mother board is some Biostar or Via or somthing ..some cheap ***......I am thinking of Upgrading My mother board.....

I use my comp for just Playing games and watching movies........I am thinking of Asus motherboard

..I heard dat its suitable for Gaming.......So should I go for it or should I change by Opinion?

and Btw my CPU is core 2 Duo@ 2.20Ghz and PSU is coolermaster 350W
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  1. I think save you should save your money, motherboards don't really do anything for gaming. Unless you're talking about running multiple gpu's or high overclocks there is no motherboard that will be better for gaming.

    I figure get you're new card and save the rest of your money and put it to a whole new setup.
  2. ok...but I need to upgrade ma mother board any how......suggest me a gud one
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