Need ur help with motherboard and Ram

Hi guys...

Im new to the forums and honestly i am noob

I wanna build high performance pc for gaming
And i chosed which cpu and other hardware to build only motherboard/Ram left

Heres the list:

CPU - I7 3.2 960

Graphic card - GTX 580

Power supplier - 750 watt

Which motherboard to buy? I wanna motherboard with sli around 500$

And which better ram brand? And how much ram to use? And 1x2gb or 1x4gb is better?

Edit: i want a good pc. Cause i will not have money in next few years to buy new or upgrade. I wanna somethin live long enough with high settings on games
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  1. If anyone can help please

    Cause im goin to city and i have to buy it today
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