Good tool for case modding?

I wanna do some cause modding on my HAF 922. The main thing that im not sure of is cutting the side panel that exposes the main components. My first thought was to get a dermel but theyre a little pricey and cutting disks are kind of expensive and wear down very fast.
So i found this thing at radioshack:

My only concern if it will be able to cut through the metal. I dont know the gauge of the metal on the case, but these are under the specs for the tool:
-Cuts through steel (up to 18 gauge), 1/16" aluminum, copper, plastic or other unhardened metals
will that be good or do i need to look into something else?
I already have a drill
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  1. Also, does anyone know where i can find acrylic sheets online for a good price?
  2. 18 gauges is approximately 1.2mm of SECC, which should be enough for most cheaper cases.

    It should work on the 922 as it uses 1.2mm steel IIRC, but I would recommend a dremel.

    Heres a pretty nice site that sells acrylic sheets and some other cool stuff:
  3. I have used a nibbler to mod steel Antec cases. A Dremel will be quicker and easier.

    Then get some of this:
    Window molding
    to cover the cut edges.
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