Is ga-p55-ud3r mother board good for gaming?

i am setting up mid class gaming PC and looking for an affordable motherboard, what I have first on the list is "ga-p55-ud3r", is this good enough guys? I am seeing a lot of down side in this motherboard in different forums so now I' confused. Is this board good enough guys? or if not any suggestions next affordable to this?

thankx jeff
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  1. My Dad has been using a GA-P55-UD3R for a year and a half now, with an i7-860 CPU. It's working fine for him.

    Still, these days I'd be looking at P67 motherboards and a 2500K CPU. That way you get USB 3.0 and a faster CPU and maybe support for 3TB hard drives too.
  2. Thanks for this one aevm, it is very informative and it helped a lot. thanx..
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