Ati radeon 4850 and gateway 506gr

Hey, right now I have a NVIDIA 7900GT but it has failing memory and is too glitchy to use. I have an ATI Radeon 4850 lying around and was wondering if it is compatible with my Gateway 506gr? Any help please?
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  1. Depends mostly on the PSU in your unit, what does it have (the PSU should have a label on the side noting wattage, and amps for 12v)
  2. I couldn't find the PSU. But I do know the card fits in the slot but than the power cable that is suppose to connect to the video card does not fit but it fits in my NVIDIA 7900GT. Does that mean it cannot work? Or can I not find something that could attach itself to the power cable in my computer and to the video card?
  3. hmm I can dig around and look. But I am guessing that is what I'd need for my card to work? It fits perfectly and even when the computer turns on the monitor connected to the card works but than it just beeps and says plug in the power cord.
  4. that's what you need or a new PSU
  5. Ok thanks should I just buy that one?
  6. sure if you need one, if microcenter is near buy you can grab one there
  7. Hey I got one and it plugs in fine but when I boot the computer it goes to the Windows start up but after that the screen is black and the computer is still on. Do I need to download drivers beforehand or change something in my BIOS?
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