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Remove and switch PCI-E slots... Would this work?

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May 19, 2011 1:32:36 PM

Hey guys,

I'm currently running 2 Asus GTX560s in SLI on the Asus P6T MB which comes with 3 PCI-E slots (16x16 16x8 16x4) but because they are too bulky, I have to skip a slot to give the top card enough room for ventilation, otherwise the gap is between the two top slots would leave the top card with only 2mm of space to suck in the air it needs. I've tried this and all it does is overheat the card with the fans SCREAMING

Having no other choice I had to place the second card in the lowest slot. This means that the bottom card is running in 16x4 which affects performance in terms of speed but other than that everything runs beautifully..... Even in Bad Company 2 lol!

I've looked at a lot of other motherboards out there and I really can't find one that has a 16x16 slot way at the bottom so you can run 2 cards with plenty of room in between for proper air flow..... So, here is my question!!!

Can I remove the PCI-E slots and switch them around to place the 16x8 slot at the very bottom? I know this would involve soldering and I accept that but I'm wondering if the board would accept it and would all that trouble improve the performance.

Has anyone ever done this successfully?

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a c 107 V Motherboard
May 19, 2011 2:51:56 PM

The plastic slot itself isn't what needs changing. The electrical traces going to each slot are what determines what speed the slot is. You cannot alter those without digging into (and severely damaging) the mainboard.
May 19, 2011 6:44:45 PM

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