Running SLI with my Asus motherboard?

Hello, I have a Nvidia GTS 250 1 gb on my ASUS P6T SE intel x58.
I'm wondering if a second gts 250 would fit in there to run SLI, cause it doesn't seem there's enough room however the motherboard claims to be SLI/Crossfire compatible.

Here's some pictures.

(Also sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasn't exactly sure)
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  1. u cant plug it in... there isnt enough space btwn the 2 pcie slot
  2. for sure? heres another pic without a card installed
  3. Which is the the 2nd PCIe slot? The blue or the white one?
  4. Doesn't matter anymore, I found out the p6T SE isn't compatible with SLI
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