Critique my AMD Build and my Intel Based build

Critique my AMD Build and my Intel Based build. Wanting to spend Sub-870$. This is mostly for gaming and work which will be done on a virtual machine. Also this is my first full build if that matters.

I will be going SLI in the next month or so when i buy another gtx 460 also.

I don't need OS I have a 7 64bit Ult. and I dont need a monitor/peripherals.

Intel Build First:
DVD Drive:
GPU/PSU Combo -
RAM/Case Combo -
Motherboard/CPU Combo -

Total : $827.48 w/ shipping and $70 Rebates available.

AMD Build:
PSU/Case -
Mobo/CPU -
RAM - G.skill 4gb 1600

Total : $838.52 with $60 rebate

My questions is that I believe that the AMD's PSU/Case and GPU are superior to the Intels build, but the Intels CPU is better.
I want to know which build is more future proof and whats the performance difference between the AMD and Intel in gaming.
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