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  1. Well the power supply will work... but there are better deals to be had on newegg than that. Check out this amazing deal!

    Nextly, the GTX460 is a grreat choice! It will work fine with AMD mobo/cpu... HOWEVERRRRR
    *** you made one big error. That motherboard uses DDR2 memory... and you ordered DDR3 memory (and definately want to stick with it)
    -so essentially I'm saying you need to buy a better motherboard.
    -- and make sure it's NOT a 'mini atx' mini's are cheaper, but everything is so compact. Get a normal 'ATX' size motherboard to give your components some room to breath!
  2. HERE is a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better choice of motherboard for only slightly more money
  3. Thank you so much for the feedback! Looks like I made a huge mistake with the motherboard...will be switching it with the one you recommended. Thanks again!
  4. sweetlol said:

    I'd recommend this Mobo if you haven't already exchanged or ordered the M4A77T.
  5. Wow, that is a great mobo mikey! I think I made my decision! Lovin' the features on the M4A88TD. I think this will probably seal the deal. Thanks!
  6. How did u end up $750 with just a 440 + GTX 460 @@
  7. sigh

    but get batuchka's build.
  8. Unfortunately I cannot see the image of batuchka's build, so if I am being redundant, I apologize.

    I would be hesitant to use, if you are still considering, the Antec PSU from your original build, when better options are available for about the same price.

    You could get the Earthwatts 650W in a combo with the 300 Illusion for $15 more.

    Alternatively, you could get the newer Antec NEO 520W, which has 15% promo code at the moment, for less.

    Also, I say stick with a regular ATX mobo, it'll give you more expansion options later, won't crowd the GPU, and you have room in the 300 Illusion to use it. Just my opinion though.
  9. As I mentionted in my first post - I'd advise against a MicroATX mobo... especially since you're using a good video card. I said the same thing as above ^^^ microATX will crowd you're components together.
  10. Oh, didn't notice the M4A88TD was a microATX...guess I'll look through what you guys suggested and make my decision! Again, thanks for all the input guys!
  11. Also, I would like to add that it's $750 WITH tax and my initial build was a subtotal at around $650. California Tax kills me :/
  12. sweetlol said:
    Oh, didn't notice the M4A88TD was a microATX...guess I'll look through what you guys suggested and make my decision! Again, thanks for all the input guys!

    Yes, it is a MicroATX, but unless you plan on adding a second video card, there's plenty of room for a PCIe, but there's only one other PCI slot and 2 PCI Express slots. Has 4 dimm slots (up to 16GB, max DDR3 2000 OC), built-in audio and video and NIC nd the 880G chipset. No floppy though. You have to have use a USB floppy. Do you really need one? Bios has builit-in Core Unlocker, Turbo Unlocker and supports the Phenom X6 CPU line. Download and read the User manual for the board before you buy. Same goes for any board for that matter.

    Size isn't everything.

    Whichever route you take, good luck with your build.
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