Onboard NIC only getting 9Mb/s

Guys, I need your help. I have run out of troubleshooting ideas. I have a gigabyte P55-UD3R in my system, and the onboard NIC just isn't going the speed it should. Forget gigabit, I'm getting 8-9 Mb/s with it, over both internet and home media streaming.

Here is what I've tested so far:
I tested a netbook over both wifi and ethernet and both bested my desktop over internet...15Mb/s wifi and 25Mb/s ethernet
I have tested it on both Ubuntu Lucid and Windows 7-64...both get the same speed of 8-9
I have replaced cables...still the same speed.

So I have ruled out: the OS, the router, and the cable. Which leaves hardware.

The only thing I can think of is either the NIC is just bad and I need a new one, or my overclocking is causing issues. From what I've read, overclocking should not cause that drastic of a slowdown if there was an issue with it, and the problem started out of the blue and not when I overclocked my system. But before I buy a new NIC off Amazon, I was hopefully looking for some input about any other likely possibilities. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. How long is the cable? Is it Cat-5 or Cat-5e or greater? If you already checked it for cuts/used a new wire I got nothing. Did you try running it at stock speeds pre-overclock with the same problem? Id say order a 20dollar NIC its worth less time then trying to figure it out.
  2. You could probably try looking for a driver update first. If there is no improvement or updates, then you're probably better off buying a new NIC.

    I also did have a problem with my onboard NIC, it usually drops-out or is terribly slow. I added a new NIC, and the speed went up to the expected speeds.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I eliminated the cable because a different cable had the same trouble, and I doubt it's drivers (though updating it cant hurt) because I got the same speed on ubuntu and windows...so you guys are right, I'll probably have to buy an NIC. Just wanted to get some input before I spent the dough and crowded my case some more
  4. Quote:
    gigabyte nic....
    just my suggestion.

    too late lol I already ordered this. I wanted one eligible for Amazon Prime so I could have it tomorrow for only $4 more...I chose this one because it's got native support for Win7-64 and Ubuntu
  5. I think this might just me a non cap b if it is 9MB then that is about right I see about 10 to 11 MB with 100mb wireed and a range of 80 to 120 MB from gig connections. Depending on raid drives or not. about 10 times faster so if this is what you reall meant this is not a problem just normal.

  6. If its a Realtek NIC i have had alot of problems running those on my home entwork at gigabit speed, they mess up and do 100mbits down and 1mb up. I am using Intel Pro Server NICs instead (disabled Ethernet@WireSpeed) and it works beatifuly
  7. I have a few of these on my lan and can stream HD without issues, example of my settings which are pretty generic across Realtek Nics.

    Flow Control .. ON
    Interrupt Modulation .. OFF
    IPv4 Checksum Offload .. ON
    Jumbo Frame .. 9000+
    Large Send Offload IPv4 and IPv6 .. ON
    Receive Side Scaling .. ON
    TCP and UDP Checksum offload IPv4 and IPv6 .. RX AND TX
    Speed and Duplex .. 100mbps Full Duplex or 1Gbps Full Duplex depending on router
  8. If you have a 10Mb device connected anywhere on your network then the speed of the entire network will be reduced to this speed.
  9. pjmelect said:
    If you have a 10Mb device connected anywhere on your network then the speed of the entire network will be reduced to this speed.

    I don't know all that much about networking but I have read enough to know that that is not true nowadays...my router is an asus rt-n16 with dd-wrt so I doubt it is doing that.

    Also, I tested different cables and a different computer and ruled out both possibilities. It definitely was my NIC. I installed the one I just received from Amazon and my speedtest.net results are back up to 26d/25/u so all's well in the world. I haven't tested media streaming yet but I'm confident I solved the problem now.

    if your board is under warranty however, send it back for replacement.
    me personally knowing that I have a bad nic on my board would bother me.
    if not under warranty then happy surfing, it's a better nic anyways..

    As OCD as I am, I'd rather use up a PCI slot (and lower my ping from 25ms to 15ms) rather than going a few weeks without my desktop. It's about a year old, so it may or may not be under warranty, but it doesn't matter...it works now :sol:
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