M first system in years here it is

Hello everyone . Here is my latest pc i built. I havnt built one since the Amd socket A days so i was a bit rusty. But it all worked out well. all and all it was like 4 clams to build this machine. Cpu is an Amd Athlon II X3 thanks to toms recomendation. The power supply is a 585watt hec Orion XPOWER wich i like very much. The video card is a Pny 9800gtx+ wich i got a good deal on and also like it very much. The harddrive is a western digital 500gig 7200 rpm sata drive. The motherboard a fairly basic biostar MCP6PM2+ V6.3 wich works ok. The system has 2 gigs of Adata ddr2 and the case was a local pick wich i really liked beacuse of the fan setup and front lights it came with. I added 2 120mm case fans . 1 for intake and one for exuast. it also has a side window 80mm case fan and 2 cold cathode lights wich i added. Its curently runing Windows xp. Well it was fun to build and fairly cheap thanks to a local computer shop and Toms great hardware ideas. Heres some pictures. Take care everyone and thanks again. Dont now how to post pictures or i would.
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  1. You have to upload the pics to photobucket.com and then cut and paste the link it gives you into a bracket-img-bracket link bracket-/img-bracket
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