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The XFX 8600 GT card in one of my PCs died (after two years) and I need a replacement. I've had my eye on the Zotac 240 GT, 512MB, DDR5, which includes 3D glasses and other goodies. The 240 GT will work with a 300-watt PSU.

I've also looked at 240 GTs from ASUS, EVGA and Gigabyte, and there seems to be little difference among them.

The cards from most vendors are offered in two flavors: 512MB with DDR5 and 1 MB with DDR3. Which would be the better choice?
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  1. The 512mb is better the ram is faster making the card faster. The GT240 will run into GPU bottleneck before it runs into memory bottleneck with 512Mb.
  2. Thanks. I shall take your advice. As to which brand of 240 GT to buy, I'll be strongly influenced by the ratings on Newegg.
  3. XFX if you want the dual lifetime warranty but I believe the EVGA is cheapest at the moment after MIR.
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