Should case fans work if plugged directly to PSU?


I'm just trying to go through a checklist and was wondering...

On a HUSH NZXT, or anything really, should the case fans rotate if plugged directly into the PSU, with no other item connected.

The case fans only have the big molex connectors, as has the psu, so should the begin rotating at power-on?

Let me know, thanks guys!
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  1. If they have those 4 pin molex type connectors and u have connected to the same ones from the PSU they yes upon power up they would spin
  2. Yes, you said you have the big 4pin molex' plugs there so you just plug them into psu and they start up as soon as you push the on button :)
    Daisy chain them if you have a through plug molex, fans dont use a lot of power tbh
  3. There are usually two types of fan connectors, the 4 pin molex and the 3 pin fan header connectors which connect to the mobo. the 3 pin gives you the ability to control the fan speed, while the molex will cause the fan to spin at 100%
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