PC keeps freezing/locking up on me

Hey guys,

I have scoured google and various forums but can't seem to come up with a problem similar enough to mine to find what the issue is.

This morning I booted my PC and it got as far as the windows welcome screen and just hung there totally frozen waited for a few minutes before deciding to reboot. Whilst booting i got a CMOS error and all my system clocks were reset. set those back to normal and continued with the boot, since then my PC just freezes on me either just after getting to the desktop or up to 5 minutes after booting but never stays booted for long. I have done a full format and to install windows again just to be on the safe side. I'm really not sure if its a CMOS battery issue or something deeper, i'll be getting a new battery tomorrow to test that but any advice from you guys in the mean time would be amazing.

I am running windows 7 64 bit
Old system but it runs what i need it to :)
WD5000aac (i think) 500gb HD
4gb ddr2 dominator ram
2x nvidia 9600 1gb cards
q6600 cpu 2.4ghz

Anything else you need to know let me know, i think it might be the hard drive but hopefully someone here might be able to shed some light on it for me.

Thanks in advance
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  1. run >>>msconfig >> services >> hide all Microsoft services >> and uncheck the other .
    or keep what u want
    some services take long time to run after log in and take time to let your mouse free on desktop ..
    when booting .. its loading drivers .. so some thing goes wrong on the way ..

    check hard disk ( HDD tune test for bad sector )
    if there is use HDD regenerator to try repairing them
    check status (HDD tune if there is an warning in SMART info )
    check cable ( clean from dust in it ) some times cable make errors
    do a check disk ...for c :
    try to remove any new hardware and c if something change
    and install the newest drivers for your hardware
  2. Thanks for the reply i'll certainly try and do those things but as i said its a totally fresh format/install so shouldnt be running any crazy processes. It isn't just a mouse freeze nothing works keyboard etc have left it as long as an hour when i went to walk my dogs came back still nothing. If i can keep the machine running long enough to run those scans i'll let you know what happens

  3. the easiest way to find if the battery is going the system on boot wont give the exact time and date
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