PSU and TOWER for GTX 480 SLI

Ok I have a EVGA X58 3x SLI classified as MOBO , I7 930 CPU , 12 gb 1600mhz patriot sector 7 of ram and 2x EVGA GTX 480 superclocked in sli ....
The question is : Is the HAF 922 ok ? and WHAT PSU is good enought for this config ?
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  1. A good 850W should handle it.. As for the case, the haf 922 wont cut it.. The haf-x will be the good.. However it all depends on how much you would like/have to spend..
  2. Try this one. - Antec Lanboy Air Gamers Case
  3. Get a Silverstone FT02 or RV02. Best aircooled case out right now, and keeps the 400 quieter then just about any other air case.
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