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I want to built a new computer. This is my second built. I want to know if the parts i chose fit well together. My focus point is cheap and good for video/editing and maybe some Maya. Occastional gaming but that's secondary, example Fallout 3, Total War, etc, and the new game Mafia 2 (doens't have to be in the max settings). I live in Belgium so prices differ from America, i'm aware of this. I base my prices on this store

My system:

Asus AM3 M4A77TD € 85

athlon X4 635 2.9ghz € 105

GigaByte GV-R577UD-1GD GDDR5 € 160

Corsair DDR3 4GB 1333MHz (2x2GB) XMS3-1333 € 100

Corsair PSU VX ATX 450W 24P 12cm Fan V2.91 € 74

Antec Three Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case (without power supply) € 50

Western Digital Caviar GP 1TB 64MB black € 95

Samsung SH-S223F DVDRW SATA 22x Zwart € 21,10

Any tips on improving this system. I'm thinking more in terms of bang for the buck. I don't upgrade that much except for extra memory.

I have feeling the prices for hardware went up rather then down. When is the best time to buy hardware?

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  1. Hi

    Well, i would advise, that you get a Phenom II X4, instead of the Athlon, i would get an Athlon II X4 955 Black Edition (or a 965), its a very good Processor in its Price Range, it would cost you more tough "", i listed it for you, but its seems a little bit too expensive for me (i could buy it here, wich is Slovakia/Austria, for about 150 Euros). Are there any other stores you could get it from?... Because the Prices seem a little bit too steep in the one, wich you listed. Anyway, i strongly recomend to buy a Phenom II X4 for Video Editing, but if you could spend about a 100 Euro more, then i would go with the Phenom II X6 1050T. Its a superb processor for Video editing with its 6 Cores (and for gaming he is also good enough), and its quite inexpensive, for a 6 Core Processor "" . Again its Price on your Site seems too steep for me, normally it should cost a little bit less then 200 Euros, not more.
    And there is really no generall rule in what moment to buy Hardwaree, except maybe, that older Hardware gets more cheaper with Time, as newer models replece its place in the market, of course there are examples, like in recent Times, where Ati Graphic Card became more expensive cca. 4 months after their release, due to shortages in production, and also lack of competion from Nvidia for a very long time, aleso, and i really dont know why, memory modules, are more expensive then 2 Years ago nnowadays. So i would i advise you in thos matter, that you should buy the Computer when you need it, becasue, sooner rather then later comes Hardware out wich will decrease the rpice of yours, but as to price performance perspective, youwill be buying the best, whats available at that time, for the ammount you spend.
    I hope this helps.

  2. And also, you might consider to buy at least a 500-600W PSU, or even more, depending on how much you can spend, because, a good PSU its absolutelly vital to a good PC, also, you ight wanna consider to upgrade the Computer in the Future, buy a new graphic card maybe, and then you would have to buy a new PSU as well. So, the PSU, you listed is probably good enougj for your system, becasue its a Corsair (and with anything, that is made by Corsair you simply cannot go wrong, its a superb brand), and they tend to list their PSU with less wattage, than they really can produce. But i Sttrongly would advise to buy at least a 500-600W one, if you dont plan to upgrade ever in the future, and a 750-850W (or more)if you do. Sure it will cost you now, but these things have a very long Warranty, and they will work perfectly for years, and you will be on the safe side, if you decide to upgrade, antime in the future. Oh, and be sure to buy good brands of PSUs, Corsai PSU are superb, also highly recommended are all PSus from Enermax, oand OCZ. If you buy any from them, you cant go wrong. Also, some PSu from Cooler Master are good...
  3. Thanks for the help!
    If I take a more expensive processor shouldn't i take the I5 750 from intel instead it is around 200 euro. The only thing that prevents me from doing it is that intel motherboards costs more, but maybe it is worth the cost.
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