Intel P67 or wair Z68

Hello, I'm looking fordward to buy *** new rig, and I need your opinion: Buy P67 motherboard or wait 3 month to buy *** z68 bassed motherboard?
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  1. Please need help
  2. Why wait 3 months? The Z68 is out now, and so is the P67. If the deciding point is $$$ then the P67 are slightly cheaper than the Z68 because they have a more limited chipset which doesn't provide for video switching or disk caching HDDs to SSDs.

    The decision is yours but if you don't intend to cache a large HDD to a SSD and don't do video encoding then the P67 is just fine, as long as you bet the B3 revision.

    I would need more info to help you make an intelligent choice.
  3. THG just is a Z68 mobo comparision here.

    They choose the ASRock, but I'd go Asus P8Z68-V Pro. $209.99 at

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