How do i use the Anti Static Wrist Bracelet?

My Pc components get here today, but im still confused as how to use the bracelet. Can i unbox the PSU plug in the extension chord. then connect the other end of the bracelet to the psu?

Can i do it like that? Is that safe?
Are there other ways to connect it?
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  1. Strap it to your wrist, then attach the clip on the other end of the strap to the metal case/chassis frame before you start installing CPU, RAM, HDDs, expansion cards, and other components. The objective is to ground you to the chassis to avoid a static electricity arc between the chassis and the component you are installing because that static arc could damage the sensitive circuitry of the component.
  2. return it it's a total waste of money just build on a solid ground not a carpet and touch a non painted part of the case while building and to be even more safer don't touch chips on boards alot
  3. It's 3 bucks, and a bit more safe. With the strap he doesn't have to always be thinking of discharging any static, more power to him. To pay for shipping would cost more than the product itself.
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