Benefits of SSD?

Other than just a faster boot up time what are other benefits of an ssd?
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    Save precious work time with the power performance of a Solid State Drive (SSD)—and leave the office early.
    1. Speed Up Your Boot-Up

    SSD knows that «go» means «go». Just turn it on and begin working in less than 30 seconds.
    2. Zip through File Searches

    Remember the last time you attempted a simple e-mail search using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Now imagine crunching that time so it's 5x faster. That's the power of an SSD.
    3. Trim File Transfer Time by Almost a Third

    Transfer and copy files thirteen minutes and five seconds faster than usual—just enough time to give you a head start on rush-hour traffic.
    4. Start Applications in Seconds

    Need to make a quick ten-second edit before meeting with a client? SSDs load programs such as Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint more than twice as fast as their HDD counterparts.
    5. Double File-Compilation Power

    Just because programmers sit behind a computer screen all day doesn't mean they're immune to slowness. An SSD boasts 2x faster file-compilation times than HDD.
    6. Cut Downtime by Half

    Routine maintenance tasks shouldn't disrupt your work flow. SSD cuts simple tasks such as virus scans by almost 50 percent.
    7. Reduce Power Consumption

    SSD requires less energy than a conventional HDD and can add an average of 30 minutes to battery life.
    8. Master Multitasking

    SSD smoothly handles multiple programs so you can crop photos and load game maps nearly 3x faster than with HDD.
    9. Cut Video-Editing Time

    Render video file clips at over 30 percent faster with SSD. You'll be able to edit quickly and move on to your next project in no time.
    10. Take it Anywhere

    For work that needs to extend beyond home or office walls, SSD exceeds expectations in handling shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. Go anywhere with it.
  2. Take the opposing position. Why do you need a faster computer?
    Wasn't your computer from 5years ago good enough? (minus the apps).
    You were fine waiting the couple of seconds to do stuff with that old PC, your life didn't dramatically change

    So whatever improvements you feel that prompted you to get a new computer, the same line of thought goes for SSD.
    Nobody "needs" this stuff.

    watch this relatively old video which helps explain it in real world use:
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  4. To sum up what Area51Reopened said, it's faster.
  5. Once you go SSD, you'll never go back.
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